roastedRoasting food is one of my favorite ways to prepare a meal. This method is easy, develops delicious nutty flavors in many vegetables and creates a nice crispy crunch that I love. For dinner tonight, everything was roasted! A whole chicken cut into parts, carrots & broccoli…with plenty of leftovers to take with me for lunch tomorrow!

CrossFit Today:
– Sled Push for speed 4x20m (2 black plates) + Weighted Pushups 4×7 (regular, then knees)
– Back Squat 3×10 (greens for first set, too heavy for 10 with noodle legs after sleds, then went to blacks) + Partner leg toss 3×12
– WOD – Rx:  For time (15min cap)…300m Run, 30 KB Swings, 30 Pullups, 200m Run, 20 KB Swings, 20 Pullups, 100m Run, 10 KB Swings, 10 Pullups (11:47).

Treats Are Sweet

almond butter cupAfter a month of no sugar, not even honey, it doesn’t take much for a treat to taste real sweet these days! I’ve had a couple of sugary treats since my Whole30…a slice of apple tart, which, as amazing as it was, made me bloated…and I’ve had a large cupcake with way too much icing on top, which gave me an instant sugar rush followed very quickly by the need for pj pants and a nap. I think these almond butter cups are a much better alternative for a sweet treat for lots of reasons…they’re plenty sweet, are super easy to make, can store in the fridge or freezer, the portion size is perfect, they have no ill effects on my body and they contain healthy ingredients!

Here’s how to make ’em:
(Recipe found on Instagram @clareconn)
– In a saucepan, melt 1/3 cup coconut oil then add 1/4 cup almond butter – stir until they are mixed together and the almond butter is warm.
– Add 2 tsp honey, 2 TB shredded coconut and a pinch of salt and stir to incorporate
– Pour mixture evenly into 8 lined cup cake tins
– Top with (whatever you want) – Shaved dark chocolate, chopped macadamia nuts, slivered almonds, coconut flakes…all or any combination you want.
– Place in the freezer until firm (doesn’t take long)

CrossFit Today:
– 8×1 Hang Snatch (just the reds – practiced overhead squat after the snatch)
– Split Squat 4 x 8 ea. leg Partner Leg Toss: 3 x 12
– WOD – Rx 12’ AMRAP – 20 Deload Pushups, 20 MB V-Ups (4kg), 20 Pullups, 20 BW Squats (I finished 2 rounds + 41 reps).

Whole 30 – Done


I shared a delicious dinner tonight with friends (steak, sweet potato chips and salad) and equally delicious red wine to celebrate completing the Whole30 challenge! We also indulged in my friend’s homemade apple tart which was amazing!


CrossFit Today:
– KB Squat Jumps 6×6 (16k)
– Sit Position Pullups 4×7-10 (extend legs if you are able to) (I used purple band) + Step Ups 4×6 ea leg (30lbs)
– Pushups 3x to Failure (5 strict) + Extended Rock 3×12
– WOD – Rx 10’ to complete 600m run, 30 Rocket Jumps, 30 Pushups, 30 Ab Mat Situps, 30 Burpees. With the remaining time, complete as many Pullups as possible for score. – I finished my burpees a few seconds after time was up, so I didn’t get to any pullups, for a big fat score of zero!

Homemade Latte (Day 30!!!)


I’ve stumbled across lots of photos of Bulletproof coffee lately on Instagram and various food blogs…and I’m intrigued (seriously? butter? in my coffee?!), so I decided to try making a cup for myself this morning. It sounds so weird at first, but just read the link and it actually makes a lot of sense. I don’t have any butter on hand or the MCT oil the recipe calls for, so I just added 2 TB of melted coconut oil and a sprinkle of stevia to a mug full of coffee and blended well with an immersion blender. It’s actually really good! The coffee looks creamy and develops a nice thick froth just like a latte or cappacino…tastes quite indulgent!

Grits Are Good (Day 29!!!)



I loved these cauliflower ‘grits’ so much I made them again for breakfast this time! They are the perfect accompaniment for a pile of eggs & bacon!

P.S. – Did you notice?! It’s day 29!


CrossFit Today:
– Clean Complex 7×1+1+2 – Clean Pull, Power Clean, Front Squat (black plates)
– Split Squat 5×5 (black plates) + Weighted V-ups 4×10 (4k med ball)
– WOD – 2’ on 1’ off for cumulative rep count – KB Swing (16kg), Goblet Squats (16kg), Burpees – my score: 127 RX

Gratitude (Day 28)

peaceRight this moment…I’m grateful for wonderful, supportive rock-solid friends. I’m grateful for rekindled relationships and the healing that takes place through that process. I’m grateful for moving on from people who hurt me, and embracing those who lift me, hold me and love me. I’m grateful for the peace I hold in my heart and for the smile on my face. As always, I am forever grateful for my dog, Lucy.

Paleo Croutons (Day 27)

IMG_2622Why didn’t I think of this?! My mom had a brilliant idea when she thought to make Paleo croutons from the last of her multi-‘grain’ bread! I’m glad I got to partake…these babies are delicious (especially when still warm) and they’re even crunchy (which is something I’ve really been missing…crunchiness)! She cut the bread into cubes and put them on a sheet pan in ~150 degree oven for ~15 or so to dry them out. Then she tossed them in a pan with a tad of olive oil and a little salt until they started turning golden brown and crispy…they were perfect over a big salad. Thanks for dinner, Mom!